Ways to Give Back to Your Community During a Pandemic

We’ve been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic for the last three months—and in some areas, even longer—which has placed a great strain on morale, community, the economy and, of course, our health. Staying at home more than usual can be difficult for many, and downright dangerous for vulnerable populations. Many people enjoy giving back to their community in Phoenix, AZ during times of national stress—but how can you do so safely when there’s a virus in the air?

Here are some easy, safe ways to give back to your own community in Phoenix, AZ:

  • Focus on food: With millions of Americans out of work during the pandemic and having difficulty receiving unemployment benefits, food is a good place to start helping. Whether it’s bringing dinner to the neighbor who just lost their job (safely and abiding by social distancing guidelines, of course) or donating to your local food bank, everyone deserves a healthy meal. You can also buy delivery service gift cards for people, order food for them and donate to other food-related relief funds. Local food banks may be looking for volunteers, but expect to follow strict CDC health guidelines.
  • Support local businesses: Local businesses have been some of the hardest-hit during the pandemic, and are the most likely to go out of business as a result. Try to support them as much as you can. If they’re open, take advantage of curbside pickup and online ordering options, or buy gift cards to use when they can reopen. Also, remember that if you’re having difficulty tracking down toilet paper, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, flour and yeast—some of the most sought-after products during the pandemic—local grocery stores and corner stores often have a supply, and won’t be as crowded as big box stores. Plus, you’re bound to receive more personalized attention and build better relationships.
  • Donate blood and plasma: The American Red Cross and other health organizations are encouraging Americans to continue to give blood if possible, while researchers are interested in plasma donations from people who have had and recovered from COVID-19. They’re looking at the antibodies that were created to fight off the virus in order to make a vaccine and other treatment options. If you’re eligible to donate blood and you are not in an at-risk group, this is a great way to give back to the community and the world.
  • Check in with your neighbors: Finally, it’s important that you check in with family, friends and neighbors during the pandemic, especially if they’re at risk of COVID-19 complications, depression or isolation. As states reopen, it may be possible to hold a socially-distanced visit from across the front yard, or you could offer to pick up some groceries next time you’re going to the store.

However you choose to give back to your community in Phoenix, AZ, make sure you follow CDC health guidelines.

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