Homeowners Association Management in Peoria & Chandler, AZ

Homeowners are the most important cog in a community. Without the individuals and families living in it, a community ceases to exist! At Thrive Community Management, we help prioritize the needs of homeowners by giving them direct access to the resources, information and materials they may need. Whether it’s paying dues and fees or having access to the bylaws, we make sure everyone is well-informed. It’s part of our mission to be complete HOA consultants in Phoenix, AZ.

  • We’re a single point of contact for everything you may need
  • We make it easy to connect with the right people and easy to get the results you need
  • We understand that the key to a happy, thriving community is transparency
  • You’ll always work with a person whose goal is to help you

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Providing Homeowners with Answers

We serve as a point of contact for homeowners and HOAs alike. As an HOA management consultant in Phoenix, AZ, we strive to provide direct support for anything homeowner facing. Some of the duties we’re able to assist with include:
  • Processing requests for property improvements or buildouts
  • Processing payments, including HOA dues, fines, fees or special payments
  • Addressing concerns and violations within the HOA code of conduct
  • Communicating with homeowners and tenants about disputes
  • Updating household information, including addresses
  • Addressing maintenance and repair issues brought up by homeowners

Report a Violation

If you are experiencing a concern in your community, please complete the following form. Please be aware, in accordance with Arizona laws A.R.S 33-1242 and A.R.S 33-1803 any complaint lodged with the Association will not remain anonymous. The person complaining of the alleged violation must state their first and last name and this information may be sent to the party who is accused of the violation upon request.

  CC&R Complaint Form

Fee Waiver

To request a fee to be waived, please complete the following form. Your request will be reviewed by your Board of Directors at their next regularly scheduled board meeting. Once a decision has been made, your Community Manager will send you a written notification. Please be aware all assessments must be current prior to submitting a request.

  Fee Waiver Request Form

Change of Address

To report a change of address, an addition of a management company or new tenant in your home, please complete the form below.

  Contact Information Form

Maintenance Request

Please complete the form below to report a maintenance issue in the common areas of your property. If this request is regarding an issue on property owned by a homeowner, please complete the REPORT A VIOLATION form.

  Maintenance Request Form

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We Help Homeowners Thrive

It should be easy to communicate with your HOA and reap the benefits of a well-managed community. Thrive Community Management is here to help homeowners get the information they need and accomplish essential tasks. Can’t find what you need on our website? Contact Thrive Community Management today and let us help you!