HOA Vendors in Peoria & Chandler, AZ

Behind every well-functioning, beautiful community is a team of third-party vendors working to make sure it stays that way. From tradesmen to contractors and everything in-between, it takes a lot to keep a community running! At the center of it all is Thrive Community Management.

  • In providing comprehensive homeowner’s association management in Phoenix, AZ
  • We weave a careful web of well-established vendors
  • Ready to take care of any needs that may arise within the community
  • Trust us to handle vendor liaison at every phase

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Become an Approved Vendor

Interested in becoming an approved vendor and working within our communities? We’re happy to evaluate all companies fairly and strive to build our network of trusted vendors to include as many options as possible. We believe in having a robust network, so there’s always someone to answer the call for work!

We follow due process when evaluating all our vendors. All vetting is done at the behest of community association management in Phoenix, AZ, with clear criteria. We evaluate vendors on merit, business practices, rates and fees, past work, self-performing and subcontracting capabilities, references and many other traditional criteria.

Most importantly, we partner with companies dedicated to service. As we strive to serve our communities, we look for this same trait in the companies we partner with. If you’re interested in becoming a vendor, contact us today!

Vendor Requirements

We put the wellbeing and protection of our communities paramount above all else. To that end, we thoroughly evaluate and vet all vendors before agreeing to any partnerships. We strive to assess vendors against fair, transparent criteria. To perform work at any of our communities, vendors must submit current insurance certificates with the limits identified below:

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Liability Insurance: $1,000,000.00 per occurrence; $2,000,000.00 aggregate
  • Auto Insurance Liability: $100,000.00 per occurrence; $300,000.00 aggregate

Please note, Thrive Community Management must be listed as an additional insured.

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Work With us to Build Community

If you’re interested in working with Thrive Community Management or would like to submit a bid for a current project, please contact us today at 602-358-0220.

We look forward to working with honest, reputable vendors to improve the communities we manage!