Preventing Crime and Increasing Safety in Your Community

Many communities are increasingly concerned about the economic challenges increasingly numbers of people are experiencing, making crime prevention one of the top issues for HOA management. As an association, it’s your job to help ensure both the safety of your residents (as much as possible) as well as listen to their concerns to make them feel as safe and secure as possible.

In some communities, a neighborhood watch security program in Phoenix, AZ can go a long way toward fostering community and a sense of safety. If your residents are interested, here are some of the things their neighborhood watch group can target:

  • Plan events: One of the most important things your community can do is to get to know each other. Plan events so that neighbors can meet up in a convenient location, learn more about who they’re living near and what their specific needs and concerns might be. Not only will your residents feel good about meeting their neighbors, but it goes a long way toward fostering the sense of community where one person can say, “I saw someone walking around your home the other day—was that a relative or friend of yours?”
  • Team up with other community programs: Your neighborhood watch program can join forces with a number of other community groups, from your local police and fire station to groups in other nearby neighborhoods. This lets you share resources as well as information.
  • Reach out to schools: Living near a school? Parent-teacher conferences and back-to-school night are the perfect times to spread the crime watch word to young children as well as their parents. Five minutes is all it takes to teach kids about telling trusted adults when they see something that looks dangerous.
  • Create home security guidelines: As a community, your HOA may wish to issue home security guidelines that will help to ensure the safety of all residents. From turning on porch lights to keeping shrubbery and trees pruned, a little care will go a long way toward keeping everyone safe and happy. You might also wish to offer some suggested tips and tricks—whether it’s locking the doors or making sure valuables are padlocked in the shed, your residents will appreciate the thought you put into keeping their homes and possessions safe.

This is just an overview—there are so many more ways you can reach your community. For more assistance, contact Thrive Community Management.

Neighborhood management company in Phoenix, AZ

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