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Understanding the Home Insurance Claims Process

If your home has suffered damage from fire, storms or another disaster, you’re probably eager to file a home insurance claim as soon as possible. Getting back to normal—without fronting the entire bill yourself—means dealing with your home insurance company as soon as possible. How the claims process works When you’ve never had to deal […]

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Monsoon Season Is Here! Here’s How to Keep Your Community Prepared

Summer is Arizona monsoon season, which brings dramatic storms, dust and wind, including heavy rains and hail. Getting through monsoon season unscathed requires a little preparation, no matter how old or new your home is—forewarned is forearmed. Monsoons are a weather phenomenon that occurs when there’s a shift in wind direction. They can be wet […]

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Finding a New HOA Management Company: Sharing Values

When you need to switch your HOA property management company in Phoenix, AZ, finding the right fit is key. You need an HOA management company that shares your association’s values, whether that’s paying more attention to legal issues and HOA violations, keeping your community areas pristine, a company that values its residents’ opinions and more. […]

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