Finding a New HOA Management Company: Sharing Values

When you need to switch your HOA property management company in Phoenix, AZ, finding the right fit is key. You need an HOA management company that shares your association’s values, whether that’s paying more attention to legal issues and HOA violations, keeping your community areas pristine, a company that values its residents’ opinions and more. As fall approaches, many HOA management contracts are up for renewal. Here’s what to look for in your new HOA management firm:

  • Knowledge and experience: Naturally, you want a management company that has a wide variety of experience in HOA management, from working with vendors to handling resident disputes. Even if a company hasn’t dealt with a specific problem before, how they address research and new situations will tell you a lot about their management values. You should also look for experience that supports the management style you want—when interviewing companies, ask how they will be able to support your HOA’s key values.
  • Association financials: This is the bulk of what a management company will take care of, so pay special attention to the management company’s skills in this area. HOA finances can be complex and are often incredibly time-consuming, so getting a management company that knows how to handle various types of association financials is important. This could be anything from fining a delinquent resident to putting together the yearly budget—ask to see samples of their reports and how consistently they can meet deadlines.
  • Maintenance is a must: One of the best parts about having an HOA management company in Phoenix, AZ is that they often already have relationships with maintenance and repair vendors, saving you the time and trouble of finding a company to work with. Choose a company that has experience managing communities of your general size and maintenance level—sometimes larger communities require much more maintenance work than some companies are able to handle. Since it’s your responsibility to ensure that the community grounds are safe and attractive, give this plenty of consideration when interviewing HOA management companies.
  • Consistent community management: Finally, you need a company that can consistently and fairly manage your HOA. When residents have a dispute or the board needs to make a decision, you want someone who can apply the rules reliably every time. They also need to be able to handle any sometimes-heated interpersonal interactions in a productive manner, so look for a company with plenty of dispute resolution experience.

When you’re researching HOA property management companies in Phoenix, AZ, try to interview residents and board members who are managed by that company. There’s no better way to find out how effective a business is than by talking to the people they serve.

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