Common HOA Violations and What You Can Do to Avoid Them

Living in a community run by a homeowners association (HOA) means you are subject to a certain set of rules and regulations you would not necessarily have to follow if you did not live in a community with an HOA. A failure to abide by the rules could result in fines or other penalties, so it’s important for you to be deeply familiar with the covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&R) your HOA has set in place to remain in compliance.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the most common HOA violations in Phoenix, AZ and how you can avoid them:

  • Changes to house design: You might be able to make some changes to your house design, but you’ll need to get HOA board approval first. Anything that involves changing the appearance or structure of your home, from an addition to a paint job to something as small as putting up a new mailbox or address numbers, will result in you needing to get permission from the HOA. Make sure you communicate your intentions with the HOA board and go through the proper approval processes before you actually start work.
  • Pets: Some HOAs will have restrictions about the type or number of pets you’re allowed to have in your home. There are also likely to be rules regarding where pets can be walked, whether or not they need to be leashed and how you need to register them with the community. Make sure you know the community’s rules about pets before you move there—otherwise you might find yourself in a sticky situation with your furry friends.
  • Rentals: There are some HOAs that do not allow people to rent out their homes, even temporarily through services like Airbnb. Those that do allow this will usually require you to get written permission from the HOA board and to follow certain protocols to inform tenants of HOA rules. As services like Airbnb become increasingly popular, these types of violations are becoming more common, so it’s important to discuss the matter with your HOA board before you make arrangements to rent out your property.
  • Landscaping: HOAs will have strict rules in place regarding lawn maintenance, weeds and other landscaping and decoration issues. In general, you will be required to maintain certain levels of neatness and order on your property, avoiding clutter and taking care to keep weeds from getting out of control. There are also likely to be rules regarding the kinds of exterior decorations you can use, as well as the length of time you can have holiday decorations on display.
  • Trash: HOAs will have strict rules about when you’re allowed to put trash cans out, and when you need to have them back in place. Simply following these rules will help you avoid getting in trouble with a violation.

To learn more about how you can avoid some of the most common violations of standard HOA bylaws in Phoenix, AZ, we encourage you to contact the HOA experts at Thrive Community Management today.

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