Avoid Getting Sick with These Five Sanitary Practices

Tips on how to stay germ free are hot with the current coronavirus pandemic worries. As more states issue orders to keep people at home and safe from COVID-19, basic sanitary practices are more important than ever in Phoenix, AZ and around the world. Sheltering in place may not be an option for those in essential positions, so it is a time to be aware. Here are five tips to avoid getting sick:

  • Wash your hands: This should be a standard practice even without the coronavirus threat. Wash your hands before you leave your home, and again when you return. Do the same if you interact with other people for any reason, or if anyone stops by. This is the easiest way to kill viruses, whether it’s coronavirus, the flu or something else. Regular soap and water will do the trick. For times when you may not be near running water, carry hand sanitizer.
  • Use disinfecting wipes: Many grocery stores have a dispenser of disinfecting wipes near the spot where you pick up grocery carts. It may not be full at times, but if it is, take advantage of them. Wipe down the handles of the grocery cart and your hands. This allows an extra layer of protection even if you are regularly washing your hands.
  • Change clothes: No, you do not have to change and wash clothes immediately after every errand. However, you may want to be more vigilant than you are under normal circumstances. Change clothes after you have been out, and put the worn clothes in a laundry hamper that is preferably not in a high foot traffic area. Wash your clothes regularly—if you are normally in the habit of waiting weeks or until you run out of underwear to do your laundry, now is a good time to change this habit. This keeps your clothes better disinfected and ensures that you do not wear infected clothing multiple times and expose more people.
  • Practice social distancing: Now is the time to keep at least six feet between you and anyone else, especially if they are coughing and sneezing. This reduces your exposure and helps control disease factors. Even when there is not a pandemic in progress, this is a good practice. The same approach also works with cold and flu viruses to help keep you healthy.
  • Do not touch your face: Many viruses transmit into your body after you touch a surface and then touch your nose, eyes or mouth. This is often difficult, because many people find their face itches and their nose runs even when they are feeling well. However, you must resist, even if it is difficult. If you really must touch your face for any reason, wash your hands first.

Thrive Community Management offers management services for homeowners and communities. As we continue in our essential duties, we are committed to basic sanitary practices and know how to stay germ free in Phoenix, AZ. Contact us today to see what we can offer your community or rental properties.

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