Tips on Hosting Socially Distanced Events

COVID-19 has affected just about every American’s life personally and professionally. As we enter the third month of state stay-at-home orders, it’s important that we try to foster a sense of community amidst the isolation of quarantine. While board meetings and community events might be on hold, virtual meetings and socially distanced events in Phoenix, AZ can keep people feeling connected.

Here are some ways you can keep in touch with your residents during the pandemic:

  • Try themed get-togethers: To keep socially-distanced events fun, try making a theme for each meeting—people love the opportunity to show off their pets, for example, or use their Halloween costume more than once. Or, you could come up with themed subject matter, such as recipe swaps, sports fans and more.
  • Hold “virtual office hours”: Since so many of us are working from home, it’s hard to pop into someone’s office and ask a quick question, or be available to a resident stopping by. Try holding virtual office hours in Phoenix, AZ—generally a set time every week where you’ll be available on a Zoom or Google Meet conference. People can join to chat or listen to the questions other members ask.
  • Offer educational virtual lunches: Many companies and schools are finding that educational virtual lunches are popular with their customers. They ask an expert to give a short presentation about various subjects, then open the call up to a question and answer session. It’s a way to feel connected and take a mental break at the same time.
  • Make good use of the mute option: Of course, good etiquette is important, too—try to stay muted whenever you’re not speaking, especially if you’re eating while on the call. No one needs to hear chewing noises when they’re trying to communicate or listen to others. This is also a good policy if you’re working from home with young children. Most people understand that children will interrupt, but keeping the actual interruption to a minimum will earn you plenty of good will.
  • Reach out to technologically-impaired residents to see if they need help: Not everyone is familiar enough with technology to take advantage of these virtual options, putting them at risk of being even more socially isolated and lonely than usual. If you can, try reaching out to older or technologically-impaired residents in your community and offer them different ways to connect—calling into a conference line or using an app might be one way they can join meetings without getting too confused or overwhelmed.
  • Offer rewards for participating: Sometimes it’s hard to encourage participation, especially when we all have plenty of other things to do. You might try offering a gift card giveaway for event participants.

Do you need help with planning Phoenix, AZ events in the social distancing era? Hiring a great community management company like Thrive Community Management can help engage your residents and make your HOA flourish. We take the hassle out of property management by offering HOA and property management expertise backed by experience. Call us today to learn more.

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